Sound Intensity

SignalScope's Sound Intensity tool supports 1/3-octave and narrowband sound intensity measurement in up to 3 independent axes (X, Y, Z). Sound intensity measurements are based on p-p probe input, which requires a suitable 2-microphone sound intensity probe.

Sound intensity is a measure of average acoustic energy flowing through a unit area in a specific direction, given in units of Watts per square meter (W/m^2). Since it is associated with direction, intensity is a vector quantity. It is the product of (scalar) acoustic pressure and the (vector) acoustic particle velocity.

Sound intensity is often used to measure the radiated sound power of some acoustic source (e.g. loudspeaker, mechanical equipment, or household appliance). Its directional nature allows it to be used for the measurement of sound power in locations other than a dedicated acoustical test chamber (such as an anechoic chamber or reverberation chamber).

The sound intensity tool can measure pressure, particle velocity, and intensity in whole or 1/3-octave bands, or in FFT-based narrowband spectra.